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Abbott & Mourly work in partnership with accounting and financial planning firms to deliver tax, SMSF, asset protection, succession planning and estate planning solutions for their clients. This form can be used to request their assistance in any of these areas.

Abbott & Mourly are also the legal partner for LightYear Docs – a unique legal automation and documentation platform. The LightYear Docs Master Templates have been prepared and are under constant review by Abbott & Mourly Lawyers to meet current laws. The insertion of names, addresses and other data into the fields ensures that the templates are built for what they were designed and that they do not amount to the provision of legal advice under the Australian Legal Professions Act.

However, if you would like to request a review of your document from Abbott & Mourly Lawyers, please do so by completing this form. Please do not execute your document until the review has taken place. This form can also be used if you would like Abbott & Mourly to prepare your documents from scratch or provide any other legal advice. 
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For example, "Complex estate planning structure" or "Protector strategy and require assistance from AM" or "Review my deed to ensure it reads correctly" or "Review a variation document". If you would like AM to prepare your document from scratch, enter as much information here as possible.
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